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Goldsit chair catalog is in our product range.
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      Yılmaz Office Furniture is one of oldest office furniture store in Turkey. Since 1975 we closely  follow-up the progress in office furniture in the world and look forward quality ,ergonomics and functionality models in our purse.

   Standing on these  back demand  and knowledge we can absolutely please precious clients

      We wish best studies in contented and spacious offices.

                                 Best Regards.

     Being in the center of Siteler which is the main place for production of furniture for home and office ,our company is one of the oldest companies that produce office tables and sitting parts.

      So as to catch the time and modern line of office atmosphere , not only we are producing our design  sitting groups, executive and personnel tables in our facilities, but also  have distributorship right of the most qualified Turkish companies that produce sitting chairs, which are mainly  Bürosit and Goldsit can be found in our office furniture spectrum

       As our main company production branch ,we produce office furniture  groups and wooden style of office materials and  in order to design most probable styles ,we try to get the most acceptable structures for your offices

        Knowing the importance's of communication ,we want to get advice from our customers to find the best quality and the most productive of all.        

Our philosophy:
        The production period for our furniture's are well qualified in order not to embarrass after delivery period because our aim is to earn the heart of our customer. Because what we learn in time is ,

       * Earning money is  very easy but not important as earning trust of people .
So what can be more important than trust for long period of relation between our costumer .

         As main branch of production our company produce office furniture so as to satisfy the needs of our costumers by wooden style and sitting groups.

       Knowing the importance of communication , in the direction of customer advices we try to catch the most useful furniture's for the offices in the most acceptable manner.

       So as to have know how  about the design of the places in the time fashion ..
       Mostly having acceptance of the customers ,lead us to catch the wanted.


          Service Policy :

     Production period of the furniture's is mainly  to find out the most qualified raw materials and get them together with the experienced personal .after the delivery in order not to have bad situations occur in  the guaranty period. Because of our aim is to earn the heart of the people .What teach us the time is;

  *Earning money is very easy but earning people heart is important as time which can not come back .

      So believe of people is too important for a long period of relationship between people...


          Quality Standards  :

     As being Yilmaz office furniture company, in order to keep the level of trust and satisfaction given to our company we give big importance use products respectful to nature and people. In this way we keep the importance of confidence given to the company at the highest level.

     Total quality management, our company attaches great importance to the production stage up to final delivery to the consumer in the service chain by ensuring continuous communication and coordination,

  • Meet customer needs in a timely manner and to the desired,

  • Our products use customer information related to the detailed,

  • Every time a company to be reliable,

  • Maintain our current status at any point not satisfied with the basic philosophy of continuous improvement to become,
                 are our objectives .



         Delivery types     :

     Delivery of products can occur in the city of  Ankara by our personal to your places whereas the delivery of products to other places can be done by packaging the parts of the tables in stores and sending to the desired places that the costumer wants. this is transferred by cargo companies,




  • World Health Organization 2013
  • American Embassy 2012
  • National Library of Turkey 2012
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Embassy of Letonia
  • TAI ( Turkish Aerospace Institute) 2010
  • Mausoleum 2009
  • SUYAPI Engineering & Consulting (NABUCCO) 2009
  • Youth and Sport General Directorship 2009
  • Diskapi Education and Searching Hospital 2009
  • Sereflikochisar Trade Chamber 2008
  • Turkish General Staff Terrorism Commandership 2008
  • Turkish Petroleum Corporation 2007
  • Health Ministry Management of Treatment Service 2007
  • Federation of Wrestling 2007
  • TÃœPRAŞ Kırıkkale Facilities 2007
  • TMO General Management 2007
  • Güvercinlik Commandership Education and Sport  Facilities 2007
  • Türkiye Meclis Ãœyeleri ve Başkanları Birliği
  • ASAŞ Packing Institution INC.
  • AET Import INC.


  • British School (English Education Course)
  • Göral A.Ş. (Ankara Peugeot Service)
  • Oruç oğulları Group(AFYON)
  • AFSİAD(Afyon Industrial and Businessmen Association)
  • Trafik Education and Research Hospital 
  • Karapınar Courthouse (Konya )
  • Presidency of Sayıştay General Issues Management 
  • Elroksan
  • Köksal Electric Co.
  • Türk Bürosen General Center
  • Aksaray Ağaçören District Administration 
  • Efe Logistic International Transportation & Tra. Inc.
  • Çamlıdere Attorney
  • Şereflikoçhisar Attorney
  • Baykan Municipality Administration(Siirt)
  • Osmancık Attorney
  • Değirmenli Municipality Administraiton(Niğde)
  • Çorum Ortaköy Municipality
  • Bekotaş INC.
  • Elsa Electrical Counters




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